Throughout the years, more and more people were impressed by the work of the Foundation as well as the results. They subscribed to be our sponsor. Every month, they remit an amount (small or less small) to the bank account of the Foundation.

Of course our Committee is very pleased about this. Fixed costs can be covered thanks to these donations. These are not covered by governmental allowances, though they have to be paid. You can imagine costs like the salaries of teachers, telephone, postage and transportation costs.

Perhaps you might want to join our group of sponsors? Each month you can deposit a fixed amount of € 5,=, € 10,=, € 15,= or maybe even more.

Let us know if you are interested in supporting our goals. You can fill in the form here below. Of course we will keep you up to date on our projects!


I will join the sponsor program and will contribute an amount of € to banking account 82 34 26 for "Stichting Kinderen van Gambia" at Heerlen, the Netherlands.


Naturally, I can cancel my sponsoring at any time.